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May Those Who Sow In Tears Reap With Shouts Of Joy

I love poetry. Most of the time I don't understand it, but I am intrigued with how words are strung together creatively and thoughtfully. I could get lost for days exploring the website Etsy, which sells handmade vintage items that are unique and fun. While exploring Etsy, I came across tights with poetry and quotes written all over them. Words from T.S. Elliot, Anne of Green Gables, Alice In Wonderland and Abraham Lincoln written on colourful fun tights! What a brilliant idea.

I have an artistic, colourful, bigger than life friend named Joanna Battjes. She walks into a room and fills it with joy. She smiles big, wears her joy and brings out the best version of people she shares life with. The other day, I met friends for Indian food and I was wearing lime green tights. My friend Jane said, "You look like Joanna." I count that a blessing. Joanna posted something on Facebook the other day about an author by the name of Jan Richardson. I love books and I love Joanna, so I went on Amazon and ordered Jan's book, Circle of Grace: A Blessing For the Seasons. Her words heal the heart. One poem in particular touched me deeply.

"When your weeping has watered the earth.

When the storm has been long

and the night

and the season

of your sorrowing.

When you have seemed

an exile from your own life,

lost in the far country,

a long way from where comfort lies.

When the sound of splintering and

fracturing haunts you.

When despair attends you.

When lack.

When trouble.

When fear.

When pain.

When empty.

When lonely.

When too much

of what depletes you

and not enough of what restores

and rests you.

Then let there be rejoicing.

Then let there be dreaming.

Let there be laughter

in your mouth

and on your tongue.

Shouts of joy.

Let the seeds

soaked by tears

turn to grain,

to bread,

to feasting.

Let there be coming home."

I hope your soul delights in this as much as me! There is so much love everywhere at every moment.

#janrichardson #creativepoetry #friendship

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