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The Sunrise of Hope

Hope After Mourning

As I shared in my last post, graduation has been tough on me, but I'm coming out of the fog. Zach's friend Keegan brought over a card for me yesterday that brought a truckload of joy to my heart. It helps so much when I know Zach's not been forgotten. He wrote: "I just want to say thank you for giving us Zach for as long as we all had him. He has impacted my life more than anyone could know. I'm sure graduation has been a tough time of year for you, Doug and Carter. I've thought about Zach a lot lately, and it truly breaks my heart that he couldn't cross the stage with me. I'll never forget him." "I'll never forget him" are the words my heart was parched to hear.

When I feel sad, I need to spend a lot of quiet time processing all that I'm experiencing. Today during my "inspirational reading time" I came across a truly beautiful word that washed over me like a wave of God's love. The verse the story started with was from John 16:20 which says, "You will be sorrowful, but your sorrow will be turned to joy." Bring me your sorrow, and watch for the sunrise of the resurrection. Yes, truly there comes always a resurrection--a morning when hope is reborn and life finds new beginning. Wait for it as tulip bulbs anticipate the spring. The rarest blooms are enhanced by the coldness of winter. The snow plays her part in producing spring's pageant. But when the blossoms break through, we do not then turn back to thoughts of winter, but instead, we look ahead to the full joys of the coming summer.

--Come Away With Me by Francis J Roberts

I found so much hope in this story and am happy to say I'm feeling myself again.



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