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Revolutionary Love

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Tonight I am scrambling to prepare an inspirational message to share with the Sprott Shaw graduating class on Thursday night. So far, I know I'm speaking on how radical love can change the world, which I'm passionate about, but haven't quite figured out how it's all going to fit together. I've been thinking about Katie Davis, a young teen who left home after graduating from high school and proceeded to adopt 13 children who had been abused, neglected and orphaned. I've been thinking about William Wilberforce who abolished slavery and Heidi Baker who transformed the entire country of Mozambique by stopping to love the one in front of her. The power of love is unstoppable. Just a few moments ago I came across a man named Jean Vanier who authored a book called, From Brokenness to Community. In his book he writes, "Those with whom Jesus identifies himself with are regarded by society as misfits. And yet Jesus is that person who is hungry; Jesus is that woman who is confused and naked. Wouldn't it be extraordinary if we all discovered that? The face of the world would change. We would then no longer want to compete in going up the ladder to meet God in the light, in the sun and in beauty, to be honored because of our theological knowledge. Or if we did want knowledge, it would be because we believe that our knowledge and theology are important only so long as they are used to serve and honour the poor."

This undid me! Using all of our knowledge to care for the marginalized and forgotten ones--wouldn't that be something.

Prayer: Form us into a people who do not conform to the patterns of this world (corporate success, one upmanship, self-centeredness) but rather conform to the norms of your upsidedown kingdom. Give us eyes to see you in those who suffer. Move us to the margins of this world, and help us to find you there, in the least of these.

#radicallove #changinghistorythroughlove

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