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A Shot Of Espresso For Monday Blues

Lakeside Boat

Sometimes the fog fails to clear on Monday mornings and a jolt of espresso just doesn't cut it. Yet in our Monday morning blunderings, Jesus promises that he will make us like a garden of fountains whose streams are fed by the mountain springs. That is good news for weary, parched souls.

During a recent retreat at Cultus Lake, a group of us were invited to go on a nature walk. We were encouraged to walk slowly and take in the beautiful subtleties around us. It is in the slowing down that we become tuned into the day-to-day miracles. We immerge from a place of numbness to a place of responding to the gifts—the wind rising, the leaves rustling, the robins washing and splashing in pools of water, droplets of water on leaves—and it’s all for our pleasure. It’s like heaven is constantly inviting us to experience a small piece of itself and our heart falls into an easy, peaceful rhythm as we enter into the invitation. In those holy moments, we sense God sending his showers of blessing upon the hearts of his people and the dry and thirsty places within us spring to life. The desert places within take in a long drink of his goodness and our hearts are freed and quieted. He is our comfort, protection and joy.

“I will turn the bitter tear to sweet perfume.

By My spirit, I will mend the broken heart.

I will pour warm, fragrant oil into the deep wound.

For My heart is fused with your heart, and in your grief, I am one with you.

Yes, I will fill the vacant place.

My arms shall hold you, and you will not fall.

My grace shall sustain you, and you will not faint.

My joy shall fortify your spirit

Even as a broken body is rejuvenated by a blood transfusion.

My smile shall dispel the shadows,

And My voice shall speak courage.

Yes, I will surely keep you, and you will not know fear.

You shall rest your foot upon the threshold of heaven.

I shall hide you in My Pavilion.”

--Franscis J. Roberts

Let him be your shot of espresso today. With one touch from heaven, your whole outlook will change. Be blessed today.

Love, Dana

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