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"There is a part of the sea known as the 'cushion of the sea.' It lies beneath the surface that is agitated by storms and churned by the wind. It is so deep that it is a part of the sea that is never stirred. When the ocean floor in these deep places is dredged of the remains of plant or animal life, it reveals evidence of having remained completely undisturbed for hundreds, if not thousands, of years. The peace of God is an eternal calm like the cushion of the sea. It lies so deeply within the human heart that no external difficulty or disturbance can reach it. And anyone who enters the presence of God becomes a partaker of that undisturbed undisturbable calm--Arthur Tappan Pierson

When winds are raging o'er the upper ocean,

And waves are tossed wild with an angry roar,

It's said, far down beneath the wild commotion,

That peaceful stillness reigns forevermore.--Harriot Beecher Stowe

Excerpts taken from Streams in the Desert by L.B. Cowman

I pray you find your calm in the storm and peace that transcends all understanding.

Merry Christmas



Crashing Waves

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