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Autumn Beauty

October is such a glorioius month. I completely understand what French writer and philospher Albert Camus meant when he said, "Autumn is a second spring where every leaf is a flower." What a beautiful way of looking at fall. Even though part of me is sad that summer has past, I have to say autumn is my favourite time of year. I find myself saying that about every season when it comes along. Each season has its unique beauty. I love the autumn drinks at Starbucks, the fall leaves contrasted against the blue sky, the crisp air on long outside adventures. I especially like how life seems to naturally slow down as autumn comes and winter is on the horizon. It's like our souls yearn to rest.


This past week, my friend Katherine and I ventured over to Salt Spring Island for a road trip and both of us fell in love with the little island. Everything seemed simpler. Life seemed slower and less hurried. Farmers sold apples, peppers, cheese and eggs on the side of the road using the honour system. Cash boxes were left out so people could make their own change after they picked out their produce. How wonderful to trust like that! As we slowly pedaled our bikes along the rural tranquil roads, we stopped frequently to take pictures of the old growth forest, water droplets on the leaves, moss lined roadways, sun glimmering off the ocean, old sailboats in the harbour and farmyard animals lazily meandering about. We just took our time soaking in every little detail, knowing God created it all just for us to enjoy.


Time away rekindles the spirit and is good for the heart. The spinning and striving comes to a stand still and all that's left is the beauty all around.


Do nothing every now and then,

it helps you to relax,

And let your thoughts go wandering

Along some mountain tracks.

Do nothing-it's quite wonderful,

Watch Raindrops on the grass,

See the leaves float in the autumn,

Sunbeams on the grass.

See the way the clouds keep moving

High above the trees,

Find a little peace and quiet,

Moments sure to please.

If your batteries need recharging

And life has lost its smile,

Be still, and let the world go by,

Do nothing for a while.

Iris Hesselden


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