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Slow Down

I find it sad that we rush through life and miss so many beautiful moments along the way. So many days, it feels like I'm pressed, rushed and anxious to get it all done, only to do life in that same hurried way the next day. I had a dream a few nights ago that I was speeding through a school zone and was stopped by the police. Whenever I dream, I know I need to pay attention to what God is speaking to me. Very clearly, I knew he was telling me to SLOW DOWN. I know how I want to live my life--squeezing every last bit of joy out of every moment, but why is it so hard to remember to breathe? I was reminded in my quiet time a few days ago that my eyes reflect what I look upon. When I gaze on beauty himself (Jesus), I reflect that beauty to others. I want to pause on beauty, behold it, touch it, taste it and feel it. I don't want to rush through life and miss sacred moments. I want to filter life through a slow motion lens, capturing every bit of it and not missing a thing. I want to be in tune with all of my senses and experience the fullness of life. Every second, I have to intentionally choose how I want to do life. Our fast paced world tempts us to achieve, succeed, and strive, when what we really need to do is savour.

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