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Thankful for friends

I so appreciate all of my friends and the support they have given me over the years. When the storms rushed in and the darkness camped around me, I felt the love enter in and the goodness bring life to my dried up spirit. I wanted to pray a blessing for all of you, a word of encouragement from heaven. Soak in it knowing how treasured you are!!

Lord, you are my friend's strength and their song. Whenever life gets hard for them, take them into your strong tower of refuge where they are protected and kept secure in your mighty arms of love. You have spread yourself over them like the heavens cover the earth.

You provide all they need to be healthy physically, emotionally and spiritually. Let each member of their family stand under your redemptive love and grace--I pray each one of them will come into their destiny according to your plan that is beyond what they could possibly imagine.

Let each one of my friends abide in the green pastures and still waters of you. When they are weary, allow them to rest their head on your chest and find rest. Each of them is your most favorite one. Each of them bring a smile to your face!! I pray my friends would find an overflowing supply of grace, love and peace today.

Love, love, love


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